We are one of the most recognized Operators. For more than 20 years CAMEL SAFARI EXPLORING designs and plan excursions and programs that meet the requirements that we identify in the local and foreign market.

We extend ourselves as the bridge that unites people with their desire to travel and discover new destinations and live new experiences. We are characterized because we work with responsibility, commitment and seriousness in the attention of each of our clients, offering answers in the shortest possible time.

We see in the future a world where change will be constant. That is why we want to be recognized for designing, in advance and dynamically, programs and solutions that respond to the demands and new trends of the markets, guaranteeing the quality of service and the always personalized attention.

Our values

  • Quality of service: we provide 24X7 service. We guarantee comprehensive compliance with all the programs we offer and provide efficient solutions to different needs.
  • Personalization: we attend in a personalized way the concerns of each operator, each client, each person, offering them the best response, in the shortest time possible.
  • Responsibility & Commitment: we are responsible for every detail of the programs we offer and we are committed to complying with everything that concerns us in each operation we carry out. Our word and signature is a guarantee of compliance.
  • Trust & Sincerity: we understand that we can only work if we base our internal and external relationships on bonds of trust that allow us to be connected, looking forward, to meet a shared goal.